Dr. Ruja Ignatova Speaks In Kiev About OneCoin Future

Huge Updates From Dr. Ruja Ignatova

I would like to share with you the vision for the coin. Where do you want to go in the next 18 months?

2017 is going to be the year of the merchants and our goal is to have 1 million merchants accepting OneCoin as a form of payment and to have 10 million users that will be purchasing services and products from the merchants. In 2018, we plan to see the coin go public.

When We Speak About Merchants, How Will This Work?

Today, we do have in the OneLife back office the Mobile App Builder, which is an essential part to the first phase of the merchant program rollout. The Mobile Builder App does not give merchants the chance to accept OneCoin as a form of payment yet but it is the first step to bring merchants who are not part of the Internet world to give them the option to build an app and attract customers from the Internet, which will be essential for the full benefits of the merchant program.

We implemented a similar approach with OneCoin mining. For those that wanted to be part of a mining group for OneCoin the person has to get an education package so they understand what cryptocurrency is. The same thing with the merchant program, before the merchants start to accept OneCoin as a form of payment, we have to make sure that the merchants understand the digital payments and how the Internet works.

In January All Merchants Will Be Allowed To Join The Network And Accept OneCoin

How will this work? We go out and invite merchants to sign up with the Mobile App Builder in preparation to accept OneCoin in the near future. This will give them the experience to start working with an online community. For example, if Elena has an icecream store, she can make an offer to them to be part of a new marketplace that we are designing. The merchant can tell the clients, “you can come to my shop I can take OneCoin.”
The merchant will be able to say, “If you are a customer I can take 50% OneCoin and 50% cash.”

If you are familiar with the way that Groupon works, something similar will happen in the OneCoin universe. When a merchant joins our network, he can do deals like groupon, which will enable them to attract more customers. Merchants that advertise only for OneCoin payment method will not pay any processing or transaction fees. Groupon takes 50% and we know that most credit card processors charge 3% or more.

What Are The Additional Benefits Of Finding Merchants To OneLife IMAs?

The Mobile App Builder offers OneLife IMA’s a separate income stream. For example, when a OneLife IMA recruits a merchant, OneLife will pay BV for all the cash transactions the merchant does! Whenever the merchant makes a sale, you continue earning money, you make one sale to a merchant to accept OneCoin as a form of payment, but have residual income from all the sales transactions that the merchant makes.

We Can Be Successful Only If We Work Together

Cryptocurrency has no real value outside of being speculative unless the coin becomes popular and is usable for everyday needs and services. A good merchant that joins, gives us the opportunity to spend OneCoin and gives him the opportunity to save on processing fees and attract more and more customers. The merchant will be exposed to the millions of OneLife members. It is a win-win situation! The merchants are extremely important for us and will create a lot of value for the coin.

Some stores already except OneCoin through their own creative ideas. When the merchant program is launched they will join the program and the people who introduced them will earn commissions from all the sales.

Our vision for 2018 is to create a stable cryptocurrency that can be used globally, different from Bitcoin, no anonymity, no speculation of price, for everyone, not only the rich and IT people. We are now a closed circle, but we will at the right time, open the market to all.

In April or May of 2018 the plan will be to go public the right way. We will be the cryptocurrency with the most users. The goal is to have one million merchants, 10 million users and to have the OneCoin value at 25 Euros.