OneCoin Blockchain

The OneCoin blockchain maintains a continuously growing list of transaction records protected from tampering and revision. Guaranteed safety with OneCoin, we are able to execute transactions in a minute thanks to the powerful OneCoin blockchain of technological innovation that stores cryptocurrencies.
The OneCoin blockchain is based on protocols that authenticate, validate and store information in consistent and broken sequences. This guarantees that the system is safer by reducing fraud duplicity and forgery.
onecoin blockchainKYC policies are in place ensuring that the blockchain consists of every transaction ever performed with OneCoin. Anonymous transactions are not allowed and the company strictly follows anti-money laundering policy. Carrying out know your customer policies on different aspects of its activities maintains transparency. OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency to store kyc documents on its blockchain.
OneCoin is fast, one minute per block this is how long it takes one coin to make a transaction so that OneCoin can be used for mass transactions in the future without slowing down.
The OneCoin blockchain can perform more transactions than any global credit card provider and the OneCoin blockchain is the first blockchain with a monthly auditing report from a third-party company that clearly shows that the blockchain of OneCoin is consistent, meaning that there are no coins mined outside the blockchain and there are no alterations to the blockchain.
OneCoin can transfer your money in a minute!
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