One Coin Review Story By Bill Wynne pt.2

One Coin Review Story Continued…

one coin reviewI finished the last One Coin review post with a tickling curiosity to see why cryptocurrency was causing such a buzz and why people were profiting from understanding how to relate to cryptocurrency in our current time. The first thing I did was type BitCoin into YouTube and found the TED Talks channel with numerous videos on cryptocurrency with a lot of focus on the block chain technology and how it would revolutionize the world not only in digital currency but for medical records and more. I would highly recommend watching some of these videos. They are very scholarly but will help you see a bigger picture.

People Were Afraid Of BitCoin

Knowing that a lot people feared BitCoin and rejected it, and yet now it is a commodity in the US, a currency in many other countries and is now traded on NASDAQ and being taught in ivy league schools in the US, made a strong impression on me to see the how cryptocurrencies will be part of the future society. Already there are countries around the world moving towards cashless societies; there is the M-Pesa in Kenya and South Korea offers tax advantages if people don’t use cash. Of course there are a lot of ideas on the cashless society model but one thing is clear, it is coming.
I also knew that TED had nothing to sell me and they are a forward thinking organization with unique ideas about the modern world and where it is going. With that I drank deep at the fountain to understand. Please spend some time yourself learning about cryptocurrency and its future. You need to do this for yourself and family.
Now that I was fully convinced on the future of cryptocurrency I needed to know why OneCoin and Dr. Ruja Ignatova had something as good as BitCoin if not even better than BitCoin for some applications.

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