Buy OneCoin With BitCoin

Buy OneCoin With Bitcoin

Following a substantial increase in the demand and interest, as well as Members’ requests, as of May 3rd, 2016, OneCoin started accepting bitcoins as payment for its products. The decision was made after careful monitoring of the market trends, which show that more and more people are seeking alternatives to bitcoin, since the currency has shown a rapid decline after crashing in value in 2015.
“We see many cryptocurrency enthusiasts exchanging their bitcoins for OneCoins. OneCoin is a new generation cryptocurrency, combining many advantages and is determined to become the Number 1 cryptocurrency worldwide – offering secure, fast, borderless payments”, stated OneCoin’s Founder and Visionary Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

OneCoin Has Advantages Over Bitcoin

One of OneCoin’s main advantages over bitcoin is that it is designed for mass use, meaning not only tech-savvy users with high-end encoding hardware and specialized knowledge can mine the coin – it gives everyone the chance to gain access to the new financial opportunities cryptocurrencies provide. Not only that, OneCoin takes a step further by aiming to educate its Members on how to deal with cryptocurrency in the best way possible.
For all Members, who choose to exchange their bitcoins for OneCoins, instructions on how to complete the transactions will be available in the backend section of the OneCoin website.