Dr Ruja Ignatova

Introducing Dr. Ruja Ignatova, Founder and Visionary Of OneCoin

dr ruja ignatovaSince the beginning of 2015, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, the Founder and Visionary of the global cryptocurrency OneCoin, has received a large amount of publicity. OneCoin has become the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world and as of October 2016, now has the largest market capitalization. With such an amazing phenomenon taking place the scoffers have come out with their stories.
The following research puts forth the credibility of Dr. Ruja Ignatova with factual information and is referenced with footnotes so you, as the reader can determine for yourself, what the truth is about Dr. Ruja Ignatova.
There are those on the Internet that are nitpicking at an exhaustive number of details in Dr. Ruja’s life and it is not the purpose of this document to address all these items. It would be a waste of time and a distraction from the facts that hold true value.
Here is a question for you; do you know how people that work in banks and other financial services are trained to identify a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill? Do you think it would be to study with great earnestness all the possible errors in the vast number of counterfeits or is it to study the true one hundred dollar so that every detail is committed to memory? If you said the later, you are correct. To know the truth, a person must study the truth and not error to know the truth. With this basic universal principle we will conduct this research.
This is going to be simple, straightforward, and brief and common sense will be appealed to. Most truth is easy to distinguish for the person that is not twisted and confused by falsehood.
The research will begin by using the biography of Dr. Ruja Ignatova that is posted on “The Economist” website, which involved the fourth annual summit of the Southern European Union, which purpose was to examine the future of the economy in Europe. With the recent bankruptcy of Greece and with many countries near bankruptcy, this was a key summit. With the “bail-in” laws now being passed around the world and possibly being exercised in Austria, there could not be a better time to look for solutions.
Dr. Ruja was an invited speaker at the Summit and spoke on the future of payments and how cryptocurrency could be an integral part of the solution. Other prominent people that were present at this summit were the President of Bulgaria, the former Prime Minister or Sweden, representatives from VISA Europe and World Bank, ministers of finance for multiple European countries and other thought leaders.1

Dr. Ruja Speaks At The 4th Annual Summit In Europe

Dr. Ruja was invited to speak at the Fourth EU–Southeast Europe Summit about the future of banking and the economy and how cryptocurrency can offer possible solutions to some of the issues. Here is the biography on Dr Ruja from the Economist website.
About Ruja Ignatova2
Dr. Ruja Ignatova is the founder and visionary of OneCoin – a company, offering an innovative approach to making investments and transactions faster, easier, more secure and more convenient. She holds a Ph.D. in Law, a degree in Law M.Jur.3 from the University of Oxford and a Masters Degree in Law and Economics from the University of Konstanz.
Dr. Ignatova is a former associate partner with McKinsey & Company, working on projects within corporate banking, private equity, asset management, risk management operating and liquidity risk. While at McKinsey & Company, Dr. Ignatova worked for clients such as Sberbank4, UniCredit5, Allianz and Raiffeisen Bank6. Before that she was CEO and CFO of one of the biggest Asset Management Funds in Bulgaria – CSIF7 with 250M Euro assets under management.
While working as a consultant for a couple of cryptocurrency companies, she developed the “One Concept” and decided to create a company that offers more opportunities to investors than just cryptocurrency.
With her unique perspective on the future of transactions, Dr. Ignatova has set up the goal of changing the way people think of investments and transactions. When she founded OneCoin, she made the first step in creating the top one cryptocurrency worldwide.
~Taken from the Economist website~

Dr. Ruja's Scholastic Achievements

Oxford University was contacted but they replied that they do not give out alumni information. Below you will see multiple diplomas or certifications for courses completed.
From top left to right here are the diplomas and certificates listed.
  1. Magister Juris in European and Corporative Law from the University Of Oxford
  2. Masters Degree In Law and Economics from University of Konstanz
  3. Coaching Certificate from the European Business School
  4. First State Law Examination Certificate
  5. Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
  6. Diploma from Fern University
Dr Ruja's Certificates
Dr Ruja's Certificates

Dr. Ruja's Occupational History

McKinsey & Company 2004 – 20098

Dr. Ruja worked for McKinsey and Company after working with the University of Konstanz as a researcher. People want to find evidence of her working for these companies. What is interesting is that Dr. Ruja herself, to my knowledge, has not retaliated to all of the defamation she has received. She has handled herself in no way but professional as she works towards achieving her goals of creating a global crypto currency that will benefit everyone but in particular the “unbanked” as she termed people that do not have the documentation to use the traditional banking system to send money around the world to their families.

Clever Synergies Investment Fund (CSIF) 20109, 10

In this company Dr. Ruja was the CEO and you can learn a lot about this company and the founder of it, who appears to be another successful woman since this is the largest investment fund in Bulgaria. From reading about the company it is likely that Dr. Ruja is no longer the CEO of CSIF but continues to serve on their board as an advisor. This company works to help distressed companies. It appears that Dr. Ruja worked for the company for one year before focusing on crypto currency.
Company Website:

Dr. Ruja Saves Gusswerk Waltenhofen In April 201011

You can read all about this business venture of Dr. Ruja at this website.

Investment In A Ski Resort

Here is a document to show this website reference.

Interviewed By “In Life” A Bulgarian News Company July 18, 2014

This article was written and posted 2 months before OneCoin started and Dr. Ruja was working with another crypto currency trust (Crypto Real Investment Trust) worth $100 million and had just written her book on cryptocurrency.
You get a sense here from her answers that she is strong and not threatened to be in the male dominant arena of finance and ends her interview with a quote from Marilyn Monroe.

Business Woman of the Year 201212

The classification that Dr Ruja Ignatova won the award in was for international business.

Dr. Ruja Invests In Asdis Ran’s Fashion Business “Ice Queen”13

The classification that Dr Ruja Ignatova won the award in was for international business.

Business Woman of the Year 201414

Interviewed By Capital Bulgarian Financial News15

Finnish News16

Forbes Magazine

Dr. Ruja sought to advertise OneCoin and herself in the Bulgarian Forbes magazine. Forbes vetted Dr Ruja, as they would any company seeking to advertise in their magazine and Dr. Ruja was able to have an interview entered into the Forbes Bulgaria magazine.

Dr Ruja In Forbes

Book Dr. Ruja Wrote In 2005 On Amazon.de17

Book Dr. Ruja Contributed To In 2008

Dr. Ruja Interview September 2015

Dr. Ruja At Russian Ball In London

CIC Pioneer And D Card Currency

Financial IT Magazine

Dr Ruja In Financial ITThe owner of Financial IT Magazine, Chris Principe stated, “When I first heard about OneCoin, I thought it was either a scam or a pyramid scheme.
After researching further and getting an opportunity to interview Dr. Ignatova, I was absolutely impressed with the technology backing OneCoin and their block chain, as well as excited about their vision for today’s economy.
OneCoin is leading the charge of acquiring the masses into the cryptocurrency shift across the globe. They’re doing an amazing job at taking what normally is the complicated idea of cryptocurrency and making it ultra simple and easy to understand so anyone can get involved and profit from it.”
The Magazine, with 100,000 circulation goes to 70,000 banks.