OneCoin Split Calculator

Introduction To The New Split Calculator

onecoin split calculatorThe split calculator that OneCoin released just recently is a great tool to help new OneCoiners. You will find the split calculator on your dashboard in the lower left hand corner. The best use of the calculator is for new members that have not gone through a split. Once an account has gone through a split the dynamics change a little because an account has split limits in addition to a package having split limits.
For example, a Tycoon Trader will give a person two splits on all the tokens, which is fantastic. However, if a person starts with a Starter and goes through a split and then upgrades to a Pro Trader and goes through another split and then upgrades to a Tycoon, the tokens from the Tycoon will split once and not twice. Make sure you speak with your sponsor if you don’t understand this. They should be able to offer assistance or find someone that can help.

What is a good split strategy?

The first thing to understand is that the best split strategy is the one that will put as many OneCoins in your account as possible. With that established, I must say that the larger your package the better and the combos are even better because they offer the most splits on your tokens. With that said, the combo or tripe combo offer the most value regarding securing as many OneCoins as possible. I understand that budgets are different for everyone but I would encourage you to reach as high as you can or are comfortable with.

Results of the splits.

We have a spreadsheet that can be used to enter different values and see how the tokens split over time with the different packages. From the tokens you get and the difficulty rate, you can then find out how many OneCoins you could anticipate receiving. It is important for me to note that any numbers that are entered into the split sheet are for purposes of investigation and education and not a guarantee of actual results. OneCoin is part of an exchange platform and the value increases based on demand, supply and the growing global acceptance of the OneCoin.

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