Sell OneCoin Below Market Value

Did you know you can sell OneCoin below market value?

how to sell onecoinYou may not have realized it but the exchange allows you to sell OneCoin for less than the current market price. Now you may be wondering why you would want to sell OneCoins for less than the market price since that would mean that you would make less money than would be possible. That is right, you would make less money, and you may not want to sell OneCoin at all with the projections of what the future of OneCoin holds but if you want to sell some OneCoin there are some things to remember.

Why sell OneCoin for less than market value?

Remember, although the OneCoin exchange is currently only available to registered OneCoin miners, it is a free market experience. That means that other registered miners are selling or not selling, which will affect your buying and selling. For example, if you are selling OneCoin at market value, there may be other miners that are selling their OneCoin at less than market value. (We have a video about selling OneCoin for less than market value in the video tutorials) This means that their OneCoin will sell before yours. So if you want market value, you may have to wait. So, selling OneCoin for less than market value increases your chances of selling your coins.

Here are some other important things to remember about the exchange


  1. The exchange is open Monday through Friday and closed on the weekend.
  2. You can trade with 1.5% of your available OneCoin.
  3. You cannot trade with a fraction of a coin.
  4. There are daily sell limits based on package.
    • Starter/Trader: 12 EUR
    • Pro Trader/Executive: 36 EUR
    • Tycoon: 60 EUR
    • Premium/Festival/Infinity/Combos: 120 EUR
It is important to keep in mind that the orders on the exchange are valid for 5 days. If they are not executed within those 5 days, they are declined and during that time, their status that will be displayed as “Pending”. In case an order is not executed or pending no funds (money or OneCoins) are being debited from the account.
As a standard exchange platform all market principles are applicable, so we are not able to affect the time, number or price of executed orders. The sell orders are dependent on the amount of the submitted buy orders, so they will be executed when there are existing matching opposite orders.



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