OneCoin Difficulty Barometer

What is the purpose of the new difficulty barometer?

OneCoin Difficulty BarometerFor months we have been enjoying the split barometer, watching it climb daily and weekly and now we get to enjoy the process of watching the difficulty barometer climb as well but what does this represent?
The difficulty barometer informs of of the closeness to the time when the OneCoin will be revaluated and the difficulty will increase.

What is the difficulty?

The difficulty or difficulty rate is the exchange rate from the token to the OneCoin. In the beginning, you could secure a OneCoin for 4 tokens meaning there was a difficulty rate of 4. Now, in May of 2016, the difficulty rate is at 57 and it is expected to increase soon. This also means that the value of the OneCoin will increase as the ratio between the difficulty and the con value is always close to a 1:10.

What will the difficulty rate increase to?

No one really knows what the rate will increase to but over time it seems to have averaged around .6 euros. With the projections announced by Dr. Ruja Ignatova in the UK earlier this year we expect to see an increase in the difficulty rate to reach a potential of 20 euros by the end of the year. We will have to wait and see as there are no guarantees on what the future holds but things are promising as OneCoin becomes a globally accepted form of cryptocurrency.
There are expectations of a global e-commerce platform that will make the coin more tangible since it will be used for the purchase of goods and the remittance services in the future.

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