How To Sell OneCoin On The Exchange

You would like to know how to sell OneCoin?

how to sell onecoinFirst, congratulations for owning OneCoin, you made a great decision to purchase some. I would certainly like to make a comment before you do sell any OneCoin and not to persuade you not to sell OneCoin but Dr. Ruja, at an event in the United Kingdom, did make a statement that the value of OneCoin could be as high as 20 Euros by the end of 2016.
I only mention that because if you want to sell OneCoin to see if it is possible, I can assure you it is. The money will be deposited right into your cash account and then you can have it transferred to you. Maybe you are selling because you need the money. That is a different story and I am sorry to hear it and I would suggest, if possible, that you find another way to meet your needs. OneCoin is moving step-by-step in the right direction to become a global company in the remittance market and it will be your OneCoin that is needed as a medium for the global sending of money.

Still want to sell your OneCoins?

If you want to sell OneCoins then you can watch the video above and follow it step-by-step. It is not a complicated process and anyone can do it. You will need to take care of your Know Your Customer (KYC) documents first. This is to keep OneCoin compliant with international banking laws. Now you know how to sell OneCoin on the exchange. Congratulations again!

Did you know you can modify your ask price for OneCoin?

If you did not know that you can sell your OneCoin for less than market value, which helps it sell faster then click on this link to learn how to do this.

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