OneLife OneCoin Bangkok Thailand Global Event October 1, 2016

OneLife OneCoin Bangkok, Thailand Event Updates

You can skip ahead to 50 minutes on the video to get right into the presentation starting with Sebastian Greenwood.

  • Bitcoin is no longer number 1 in market capitalization. It is now OneCoin.
  • With the new OneCoin blockchain there are now 120,000,000,000 OneCoins to be mined.
  • The new blockchain can mine 50,000 OneCoins per minute.
    • 2,400,000 minutes until coins are mined out
    • 40,000 hours until coins are mined out
    • 1,666 days until coins are mined out
    • 4.5 years until coins are mined out
  • This will decrease as the difficulty increases.
  • There are more than 2,500,000 registered OneCoin users that have purchased an educational package and are becoming educated cryptocurrency miners.
  • When including free Rookie account registrations, there are more than 14 million registered OneLife Independent Marketing Associates.
  • There were over 70 countries represented at the OneLife Bangkok, Thailand event.
  • There were over 10,000 people in attendance in Bangkok.
  • An acquisition of 9 million more educated miners soon to come from SiteTalk.
  • Cash back rewards program on OneCoins coming in the future.
  • OneLife website updated in backend.
  • Many new personal websites are coming our way
    • Your own social media site
    • Online shopping platform
    • Group discount program
  • Mobile Merchant App, owners will have the option to choose between two packages.
    • One business is 1,000
    • Multiples businesses, 7 apps for 5000
  • During the first year, the business owner will pay no fees for accepting OneCoins
  • Merchant program allows an additional 35,000 weekly income
  • You must complete the merchant program course with a minimum of a 70% grade in order to offer the merchant app.
  • The course is in the OneLife back office.
  • Merchants will have option to accept 10%-100% of product price with OneCoins.
  • Merchants will be able to increase the percentage of OneCoins they accept anytime.
  • The merchant app will go live on the 3rd of October, 2016.
  • OneLife is officially operating in 194 countries.
  • Goals for near future
    • 10 million OneCoin users
    • 1 million merchants that accept OneCoin as a form of payment
  • 25 Euros is the predicted value of OneCoin
  • OneCoin will be a public coin the 2nd quarter of 2018
  • New promotion to be announced October 3, 2016.
  • New CEO of OneLife, Pablo Munoz
    • Former vice president for Avon, as Senior Vice President and President for North America
  • 1,000 city event tour starting soon.
  • Events announced for the United States
    • New York
    • San Francisco
    • Miami
    • Houston
  • Event announced for Canada in Toronto

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