Introduction To The Mobile App Builder

As of today, October 3rd, 2016 OneLife IMAs will now be able to buy and distribute the latest addition to the OneLife products portfolio – the M.A.B. (Mobile App Builder) – a mobile application builder service targeted at public figures, entrepreneurs and business owners.

The M.A.B. will enable the growth and expansion of the long anticipated merchant network and will empower them to build their own customized mobile applications from scratch with no programming skills required. The M.A.B. is easy to use and maintain and basically provides a solution for all those millions of small and medium businesses worldwide, looking for an affordable way to grow their market.

With the M.A.B., OneLife Network now has the capacity to welcome the merchants into the OneFamily. This product will give an opportunity to networkers to further grow their downline and take advantage of the reward benefits that come from it. The M.A.B. package will allow an additional max out upgrade of 35 000 euro. With the potential of this innovative and very useful product, the Network will now be able to enter into the next stage of its development.

The next planned step forward is only a matter of weeks away and will offer the OneLife Family their own brand new Social Media platform – the OneSiteTalk, which is currently known as SiteTalk and already has 9 million members. The OneSiteTalk will be a meeting hub for the OneLife community which will give access to an online portfolio of more than 7000 online shops around the world and a cashback program which will be sending money back into the user’s account with every purchase made with one of the affiliate online shops.

There are many exciting developments coming for the merchant network, so stay tuned and follow the official channels for more information on the OneSiteTalk and the cashback program.

Watch the tutorial videos now to become familiar with the OneCoin Mobile App Builder watch now