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onecoin scamOneCoin Scam. Huh? How do some people come up with that conclusion? You know there are always going to be the people that are either pessimistic or simply not believing good fortune can come their way, which is frequently a result of having many hard knocks in their lives. What a terrible way to live and I pity anyone having that experience but there are other reasons as well and in this article I want to address some items about the gossip about OneCoin. I simply want to provide you with research that the negative people don’t share.
Did you know that people said BitCoin was a Ponzi Scheme and then people made millions with BitCoin and it is now being taught in universities all over the United States and it is being traded on the NASDAQ. Do you get my point? If a person has had bad experiences in the past and they wanted to hang their BitCoin doubts on something, they found it, but unfortunately lost thousands or millions of dollars. Do you seriously want to make the same mistake that those people made by basing your decisions on a limited amount of research?

Can We Trust Bloggers?

What do we mean when we say “bloggers?” A blogger is a person that makes money from the Internet by writing about hot, trending topics and news to get human traffic to their blog where they have planted banners and ads that when clicked on, earn the blogger a commission. This is a great way for writers to take their skills to the Internet. Bloggers write about everything from iPhone reviews to Yorkshire Terriers and anything else. The blogger will often find an affiliate product to review or recommend and when a purchase is made the blogger can make hundreds of dollars.
The problem with this is that some bloggers don’t care what they say to make money. There are bloggers that do not reveal their true identity, a man poses as a woman to sell a woman product or vice-versa. You just can’t be sure on the Internet who is who. It is sad but that is the wild west experience of the Internet. So let me state this point again, a blogger uses tools like Google Alerts and Trends to find out what is hot. They write about it on their blog hoping to rank and then they get traffic and make money.
The fact is that OneCoin has created so much sizzle in the entire world that their Alexa rank is really low. OneCoin is currently the most frequently searched for cryptocurrency out of the 600+ cryptocurrencies in existence. That makes the company a target for those people that make a living from writing about what is hot and using the term, “OneCoin Scam” assures them that they will have as much traffic as possible. Does this make sense?

1. Negativity Sells: OneCoin Scam

Unfortunately, negative news appears to sell better than positive news. The sensationalism, excitement and drama to negative things attracts people. Face it, the world is becoming more and more self-centered and negative. Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful place with lots of beauty but the majority of people are negative. Just look at the world, national or local news more closely from an analytical perspective and you will surely see this point is true.

2. Regurgitation

We don’t encourage anyone to be a blind follower of OneCoin. We know if people do their research about OneCoin and Dr. Ruja Ignatova they will see that a number of the blogs out there are using the same content. Is it because it is really the same people behind multiple blogs or is it because they just share to save time from having to write themselves? I can tell you that we are not so close minded that we only see through keyholes but nor are we so open minded that our brains are about to fall out. We have seven figure earners on our team that have become successful from making decisions based on experience.
The bottom line is that you will find that bloggers copy each other and don’t do their own research. Remember, they don’t make money on the OneCoin scam news that they publish but on the people that come to their blog clicking on ads and banners.

3. Not Reporting The Entire Truth

There have been lots of very positive things that have surely happened within OneCoin but they are either not reported on the negative websites online or they are spun to a slant that further tries to show the subject in the light that the bloggers need it to be. A couple examples of this truth are as follows: (1) Dr. Ruja refunded all air tickets, hotel reservations and event tickets when the Las Vegas meeting was postponed in October 2015. This was never reported and to me it is significant because I know company owners that would not buy you a coffee and I am owed money by a number of companies. (2)

4. Conspiracy Minded

Respectfully, I am not degrading all subjects that would be thrown into the conspiracy arena but what I am doing is stating that people that focus on conspiracies and let their minds dwell on them a lot, it appears to warp their minds to the point where they begin to see conspiracies in everything, toothpaste to black helmets and so forth.
Dr. Ruja was a speaker at the 4th annual summit for the Economist on the future of payments and how cryptocurrency can be part of the solution for a stable economical future. The conspiracy blogger then looks for a way to show that this is not positive or true. They have to come to the conclusion that a long-term magazine like The Economist is in cahoots with OneCoin. OneCoin was also featured in Financial IT magazine and the bloggers went to do their pathetic work but then the owner of Financial IT came and did a video to confirm the truth. What do the bloggers do now? What do the negative Nancy’s do now? Here is what I found, they are silent.
Of course I am sure it is only a matter of time until they think up some spin on it. Why so much negativity? Why spend so much time on attacking OneCoin? Remember, earning money and it is possible that there is more to the story. If you read the material, some of it appears to be full of hatred, I mean it appears really dark. It is like a cancer that spreads and metastasizes to healthy people.

5. Hatred & Revenge

In the beginning of OneCoin’s formation the president, Nigel Allen, was caught practicing unethical and unprofessional behavior and was promptly excused from OneCoin by Dr. Ruja. The people that are in his position now are earning seven figure monthly incomes. You can imagine how that must make him feel and what he is willing to do and even put money into paying people to do some negative things.

6. Cryptocurrency Purist

In the new and growing space of cryptocurrency the most common format of operations is to be decentralized. This is expanding in its meaning since BitCoin, which has no company behind it and is the best example of the potential wild west of cryptocurrencies. A person that really appreciates the anonymity of BitCoin and does not like their purchases or exchange of wealth to be trackable, they don’t like the centralized blueprint and business plan of OneCoin. While the BitCoin purist talks about the Federal Reserve and the Central Banking system but that is not the emphasis of OneCoin. What is interesting is that Dr. Ruja, the CEO and Founder of OneCoin, when speaking at the Economist event focused on the under banked and unbanked segments of the global community.
Dr. Ruja’s focus appears to be two-fold, first is in the market of remittances, which would put OneCoin in competition with service companies like Money Gram and Western Union. This would also include wire services. Western Union charges as much as 29% for some money transfers. Bill Gates stated that he hoped digital wealth transfers would have a fee rate of one half of a percent. It is possible that Dr. Ruja will be able to accomplish this.

7. Cryptocurrency Company

Do you believe it is impossible for other cryptocurrency companies to spread bad news about OneCoin around the Internet…. don’t answer that. I think we all agree that if there is enough power and wealth involved, there appears to be a willingness to “bend” the rules of professional conduct. Just recently we had the news of four large banks plead guilty to manipulating foreign currency prices and are now subject to fines. This shows us what can be done online by manipulating the mass mind about a particular subject. Unfortunately, a lot of people are swayed by poor research and lose out on many things in life like the reports of OneCoin scam.
OneCoin has made a huge impact on cryptocurrency and continues to grow at an incredible rate. Clearly, OneCoin could become a world reserve cryptocurrency and this poses a risk of survival to the smaller cryptocurrency companies trying to get started and others that are growing but experiencing the ups and downs of a company that is not stable. By contrast, OneCoin is increasing in global acceptance, the monthly revenue of the company is stable and plans that Dr. Ruja has are all coming to pass.

8. Threatened Existing Markets

In light of the news about the four large banks manipulating foreign currency exchange rates, can we begin to believe that if banks and other financial institutions feel threatened by a new company, they would not launch some kind of a negative campaign against any foreseen threat. This is so common in politics and will be used by any entity that wants to retain power and control.

9. Total “OneCoin Scam” Weirdos

I use this title with respect, but because I hear a lot of things from OneCoiners that they hear from others, I want to share this one story.
I was called one afternoon by a fellow OneCoiner and he was concerned because he was contacted by someone that found him on LinkedIn and this person told him all kinds of things and the most ridiculous thing that I have to mention is that they told him that the London CoinRush Event was not real and was not going to take place. Seriously, these people create things out of the thin air. I don’t know how better to say it.
There are many people that did not make a decision on Bitcoin and lost thousands and millions of dollars. Don’t let this happen to you with OneCoin. Make sure you do your own personal research. I have to encourage you to read this page about Dr. Ruja Ignatova and see if you believe this woman could operate a large OneCoin scam that involves governments, companies, investors, magazines and well respected companies that have been in existence for decades.

OneCoin Scam Conclusion

I did my own research online for 7 hours and was convinced of who Dr. Ruja is and I was “sold” on cryptocurrency by watching YouTube videos on the TED Talks channel. It is clear that cryptocurrency is here to stay but what about OneCoin? I think it is clear that the OneCoin scam is unfounded and is supported by few real facts since most things spoken of are a twisting of the facts.

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