OneCoin Review By Bill Wynne

OneCoin Review: Telling It As I Know It pt.1

onecoin reviewI am writing this personal OneCoin review from the perspective of my personal experience. The people that are familiar with me know that I appreciate transparency and sincerity. With those principles in mind I will write my personal experience with OneCoin from the very beginning. If you don’t like OneCoin I am sure you will find something to poke at and use for your own amusement but for those who see OneCoin and the future potential, I think you will treasure this OneCoin review.

Receiving My First OneCoin Pitch

Bob has been a friend for more than a decade and we have experienced the ups and downs of marketing as entrepreneurs. I worked on the corporate side of companies as well as in the affiliate trenches but after a few disappointments of greedy, immature or bad company leaders and owners I decided to dedicate my time, skills and resources to building my own companies, which have been successful, and I also had software developed and so needless to say, besides not wanting to be part of anything that could harm people, I was also creating a brand that I needed to protect.
Well, one day in February of 2015 I got a call from my good friend Bob and he was excited about a new cryptocurrency but because I had a bad experience with BitCoin, I immaturely told him it was probably a scam and I could not be involved. Being a good friend he respected that and let me go without the pressure that some people put on others. He wished me well with my companies and I likewise wished him well.
In about 3 weeks I got a call from another friend and she asked me if I was involved in this company with a new cryptocurrency. I asked for the name and when she told me I recognized that it was the same company that Bob has mentioned. I decided to call Bob back and see how it was going and I thought he was going to tell me he had earned a couple thousand in his first month. He told me he had earned over 20k and that peaked my curiosity.
Part 2 – More One Coin Review story of how I made the decision to buy the OneCoin Academy.

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