OneCoin Payment Solution

What can OneCoin buy today?

onecoin payment solutionTechnically you can buy anything that someone is willing and able to sell you. There are cases of people buying a car, software and other items. With the possible future ahead of us you can imagine that there are plans to sell properties in exchange for OneCoins and this will be done in the future.
While right now OneCoin does not have the infrastructure to make transactions like this take place with great ease, it is none-the-less possible if both parties will take the time and make the effort to make it work.

What can OneCoins buy later?

OneCoin has had plans now for months to build out an e-commerce platform that OneCoin miners would be able to introduce to online retailers. This will bring a vast array of products and services for those possessing OneCoin to purchase. I am sure anything from socks to cars will be available and it is so exciting. OneCoin miners will be able to invite people that would find an online store a natural business plan, this would include Ebay Sellers that operate a storefront and Amazon Stores.
Beyond the online retail market and buying goods or services will be the remittance services, which has been Dr. Ruja Ignatova’s emphasis from the beginning. In her presentation given to a group at the 4th annual summit for the Economist, she tells stories showing she understands the sector of the global community that OneCoin as a remittance solution will offer a lot of value. This means that those who possess OneCoin will be able to sell it to those who need OneCoin to move money internationally.

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