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If you are looking to learn more about cryptocurrency and how to profit from the payment system of the future then the OneAcademy is right for you.
Whether you want to profit from BitCoin or one of the other cryptocurrencies and of course OneCoin the OneAcademy will familiarize you with the terminology and a lot more.

OneAcademy Topics

There are up to 7 levels of education within the academy and topics include how to invest and how to handle investments in times of crisis and when things are going good in the economy. Special attention is devoted to techniques such as portfolio diversification and debt minimization. Chapter 1 also casts light on the fundamental concepts in the field of finance – risk and return. Further discussion includes the main types of risk – systematic and non-systematic risk, as well as their sub-types – market risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, default risk, business risk, geopolitical risk and many more.
The second chapter of Level 1 contains an introduction to the most popular asset types investors around the world trade, such as equity investments, fixed income investments, currencies and commodities. It also introduces financial terminology essential for every trader on the market.
Chapter 2’s main focus falls on one of the most lucrative investments in recent years – gold. It outlines the characteristics and advantages of gold as a store of value and as a unit of account, and compares it to other popular assets.
Chapter 2 also presents a brief overview of the global banking system. It outlines the roles of commercial banks, investment banks and central banks in the world’s financial system and the importance they have for each trader on the market.
There is a lot more so get registered for free today and make the most of cryptocurrency before the best part of the opportunity is over.

Get Quizzed So You Learn The Material

Dr. Ruja Ignatova is making sure the best practices of learning are implemented to make learning fun and effective. The level of education is university but employs manuals, videos and even quizzes to make sure you learn the material.
Of course when you are done and have been successful in each course of the OneAcademy you will receive a certificate like these.
OneCoin Academy Level 1 Certificate

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