How I Researched OneCoin pt.3

How I Researched OneCoin

researched onecoinThis is part 3, if you have not read part 1 or part 2 you should go back and browse the first 2 parts.

I shared the story of how I was approached about OneCoin in part 1 and then how I was “sold” on cryptocurrency by watching the TED Talks channel on YouTube in part 2 and now I want to share the investigation I did of OneCoin. Having experienced working with a fairly wide variety of people, I knew having a proven service did not mean the owner was ethical or competent. You can learn an awful lot about business arrangements by watching Shark Tank.
I learned to be more serious about due diligence and this is not just asking someone questions expecting that you are getting the truth. I went to the Internet and wanted to find out as much about Dr Ruja Ignatova as possible. In total, I spent about 10 hours scouring the Internet for information and was happily surprised by all the items I found.

Blogger Foolishness

OneCoin being not above boards has been such a hot topic with a number of bloggers and I thought I might find that they had something to their statements but I found quite the contrary. I wrote a blog post on OneCoin Scam in which I address what I think the real issues are with the bloggers. They are truly dream stealers, alarmists and seem to be very conspiracy minded.

Dr. Ruja Ignatova

Anyway, you can find the results of my research about Dr Ruja by going to my website where I put the information I learned about Dr Ruja Ignatova. I really don’t recommend that you read any of the blog information out there because it is like cancer and it will metastasize to your mind and poison you.
Besides Dr Ruja as the owner you will learn that she has been steadily adding extremely well qualified leadership to run the marketing side of the company and not long ago the terms were updated to a set of conditions that are global friendly.
Additionally you would want to research the concept of OneCoin because it is different than BitCoin and a lot of other cryptocurrencies.

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