OneLifes Founder And Visionary On The Cover Of Financial IT

Dr Ruja In Financial ITGreat news! 13,200 members took advantage and got their FREE Financial IT magazine today! Because the Founder and Visionary of OneCoin, Dr. Ruja Ignatova is on the cover of the February Financial IT issue, the magazines were over in less than a day!
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Financial IT sought out after Dr. Ruja Ignatova for an interview and put her on the cover of the Feb. 2016 issue! Here is how Financial IT describes their services.
Financial IT is a cutting edge financial technology magazine. The publication provides a unique and valuable forum for people involved in the change process to learn and exchange ideas and knowledge – as technology cements its pivotal role in supporting the financial markets. Financial IT also reflects the changing environment in business and operations when appropriate. It has been difficult for the media to reflect accurately the real values of technology, whether old or new, against the backdrop of aggressive development and marketing. This has confused the buyers in the marketplace and has detrimentally elongated the procurement process.
Our aim is to attempt to address the industry weakness by assessing in simple – to understand terms the products, and how they are meant to produce beneficial outcomes. Financial IT makes a firm commitment to software vendors that are vital to the success of the future to showcase and examine new products and technologies with deep enquiring analysis. That, at the same time, provides people in financial institutions with the best possible awareness of the latest trends and developments: this should help them reach the business and operational zenith that they aspire too. Financial IT Magazine was first published in 2012.